WP10 - Project Management

WP10 will comprise all aspects of project management: The overall management of the project in order to achieve the objectives, carry out the consortium’s contractual duties, advise and guide the participants to comply with the EU regulations and their contractual and legal requirements and set-up an effective communication infrastructure.

For the project management the Coordinator is taking on full responsibility for project management.

Deliverable reports will be assembled by the WP Leads and the compiled report reviewed by the Project Coordinator. These Deliverables will be reported in detail during scientific meetings in WAKE-UP.

The Coordinator’s principal task will be to monitor the compliance of the project with the EU provisions (Grant Agreement and its annexes) and the Consortium Agreement. Therefore, Participants will be trained on EU provisions whenever relevant.

The UKE will ensure that the consortium complies with the rules on decision-making in WAKE-UP as defined in the Consortium Agreement. These procedures will be carefully followed not only when it comes to decisions on the implementation of work, funding and other decisions on crucial issues.

The organisation of professional and efficient project meetings also belongs to the scope of tasks of the management team. Each of the meetings (General Assembly Meetings with the European Commission annually, Steering Committee Meetings six-monthly) will be planned carefully in accordance to the meeting’s objectives.

This WP will be led by Participant 01 (A. Sorgner UKE). The WP will be active during months 01-60.