WP09 - Dissemination, transfer, scientific data sharing

This WP will disseminate information about the clinical problem of wake-up strokes (and strokes of uncertain onset time); the trial itself; and, in due course, the results of the trial and its implications for stroke treatment and health policy.

The dissemination programme will address both healthcare professional groups and the general public. Major components will be:

Information campaign targeted at healthcare professionals and the public to increase awareness of the clinical problem, and awareness of the trial (Month 1-36)

This will involve the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) and its national partners, as well as the clinical WAKE-UP partners. 

Presentation and Dissemination of Scientific Results (Months 37- 60)

The trial results will be widely disseminated to the medical community and the general public through presentation at international scientific meetings, publication in academic journals. 

Assess the implications for European, national and international guidelines (Months 55-60)

Whatever the trial outcome, there will be implications for stroke management guidelines, and the trial partners will ensure that these are considered in guidelines for stroke treatment. 

Share WAKE-UP data with the Virtual International Stroke Trials Archive (VISTA) (Months 55-60)

It is important to maximise the potential benefit to the wider stroke research community and public, and sharing of trial data including the rich imaging dataset through the established VISTA collaboration will ensure the widest availability to the scientific community.

This WP will be led by participant 07 (K. Muir, UG). The WP will be active during months 01-60.

Participants involved in WP09: