WP08 - Multiparametric MRI and treatment response

This WP will validate other MR profiles, sequences, and analysis approaches to predict response to thrombolysis in patients with wake-up stroke.

The objectives of WP08 are:

  • To determine the effect of MRI based definition of tissue at risk of infarction and of pre-treatment vessel status on clinical course in patients treated with thrombolysis and with placebo
  • To evaluate additional information from quantitative diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)
  • To evaluate quantitative FLAIR signal intensity measurement approaches
  • To improve the prediction of treatment response by multivariate predictive algorithms
  • Foster additional scientific findings by pooling data with other clinical trials of MRI based thrombolysis involving wake-up stroke patients

Several scientific partners with expertise in clinical neuroimaging and magnetic resonance imaging will be participating in this work package (participants 1-7). This work package will perform several subanalyses on the wealth of data that will be provided by the imaging data obtained during the randomized trial.

This WP will be led by participant 05 (R. Lemmens, KUL). The WP will be active during months 25-60.

Participants involved in WP08: