WP02 - Define imaging standards, training

The selection of patients by MRI represents a crucial point of the trial. This WP will define imaging standards and provide a training of image interpretation. The main objectives of this WP are: 

  • Assure the inclusion of patients likely to respond to thrombolysis as target population by defining MRI inclusion and exclusion criteria that will identify patients with ischemic lesions ≤4.5 hours old
  • Assure standardised high quality MRI acquisition in all participating centres
  • Assure standardised interpretation of acute stroke MRI and safety examinations within the trial

The expertise from well renowned neuroradiologists and stroke imaging experts assembled in the WAKE-UP consortium will be brought together to formulate a consensus definition of DWI-FLAIR-mismatch. Detailed MRI inclusion and exclusion criteria will be defined and standards for MRI acquisition will be established. Together with the continuous quality checking performed in WP05, this will ensure the highest quality of MR images acquired within the trial.

In order to ensure a homogeneous high quality of image assessment according to the requirements of WAKE-UP, extensive efforts will be made for training, including the development of a ‘handbook’ with example data sets, and a web-based software tool to be used by the investigators in WAKE-UP recruiting centres. To assure the quality of this training, each investigator judging acute stroke MR images in the clinical trial will have to pass a certification. Furthermore, training workshops will be integrated into site initiation visits providing a structured training in image analysis (together with WP03).

Participants in this WP include 01, 02, 03, 04, and 05, all of which have specialised stroke imaging expertise as regards to clinical trials and wake-up stroke. The development of web-based training software will be the main responsibility of participant 10 (mediri) together with participant 09 (FME), which both have strong background in software development, especially in image-based data management and processing. Approved software tools will be used to provide web-based case collection and training cases for self assessment. In addition, criteria for safety examination interpretation will be provided.

This WP will be led by participant 03 (J.B. Fiebach, Charité). The WP will be active during months 01-36.

Participants involved in WP02: