What will be the outcome?

WAKE-UP addresses a massive and growing health problem in the EU and will provide a manifest benefit for individual patients, doctors involved in the management of stroke, and the society at large. WAKE-UP will provide evidence of effective treatment for a large new group of stroke patients. WAKE-UP is destined to change clinical practice and to improve the treatment of acute stroke, thus reducing the burden of stroke related disability in the EU.

Moreover, WAKE-UP will promote a paradigm-change in acute stroke treatment. Currently, acute stroke treatment critically depends on knowledge of the time point of symptom onset. WAKE-UP will disregard clock time but use MRI as a biomarker to enrol patients.

WAKE-UP will also further the understanding of imaging based definitions of brain tissue status in acute stroke. We plan to develop automated image analysis tools that will allow physicians to integrate the knowledge of leading stroke imaging experts into their individual treatment decisions in real-time. These tools will make routine stroke MRI analysis quicker, more reliable and more effective across knowledge borders and infrastructural boundaries. The incorporation of multiparamentric imaging into acute treatment decisions will lead a step further towards personalized medicine and improved treatment outcomes.